Engineering, Fabrication, Construction and Plant Services


Roberts Fabrication has more than 35 years of experience specializing in the custom design, engineering and fabrication of industrial processes and manufacturing operations equipment for a multitude of industries including: chemical processing, pulp and paper, power and mining. Our modern ASME code production facilities are clean and spacious allowing for proper material segregation.

Our technical staff are highly-trained structural and mechanical registered professional engineers with extensive metallurgical knowledge, design experience, ingenuity and flexibility utilizing the latest in computer-assisted design technologies. Our fabrication facilities contain the latest tools and equipment necessary to safely complete any project in a timely and cost-effective manner.

In-house capabilities include finishing operations on completed products, and we routinely prepare surfaces by steel grit or glass bead blasting to specified requirements. In addition, we apply primers and finish paint coatings to specified mil thicknesses using specialty finish coatings from major manufacturers. All finishes are applied in our climate controlled industrial coating facility.


We have been granted Certificates of Authorization to provide fabricated products in compliance with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Section I & VIII, Division I requirements.

We also provide field fabrication services to clients at their facilities for fabrication, repair and modification of existing pressure vessels, boilers and heat exchangers. If your equipment is too large to transport as a complete fabricate component, we will fabricate it in sections and send a highly qualified and experienced Fabrication Services Team to your facility for final field assembly.

Materials Capabilities:

Roberts has experience incorporating a broad range of materials into your project. From stainless steel, titanium, ZeCor™ and clad/bonded materials to 6% Molybdenum, Chrome-Moly, and Ni alloys our specialized team can incorporate a broad range of materials into your project. For a complete list please contact us.

Quality Assurance and Control:

Roberts strictly adheres to a number of Quality Assurance and Quality Control Programs. As part of this process, we undergo yearly audits through our Authorized Inspection Agents and full audits every three years by the ASME and the National Board. Through the audit process and our ongoing internal efforts, we keep our quality program up to date with the latest amendments and revisions to the ASME code.

Our written Quality Control/Quality Assurance program is committed to zero defects both technically and aesthetically. All vessels are built to the same standards, whether code stamped or not. In addition to in-house radiography capabilities, we are equipped to perform various types of leak tests, (including Helium Leak Testing), proof tests, and ultrasonic thickness and material verification tests. We will develop a Project Specific QA/QC Program tailored for our clients’ unique needs.

Fabrication Facilities and Equipment:

Our fabrication facility located on 20 acres in Winterville, NC makes Roberts uniquely positioned to accommodate our customers’ industrial fabrication requirements. The 180,000 square foot fabrication shop is made up of three buildings containing two shops. The high-bay shop has two 20-ton capacity overhead cranes with 30’ under hook and the low-bay shop contains three 5, 10 and 30-ton capacity overhead cranes with 16’ - 9 ½” under hooks.

Positive Material Identification:

Was the correct material used in your equipment?
Was the correct filler metal used to weld your equipment?
What type of material do you have in that pile of steel on your site?

Roberts can help you determine the value of your unknown materials before you either recycle or scrap with our mobile positive material identification services available at your location or our facility.

Please contact us with your project requirements and we’ll provide an estimate for our services.